Renascence: Revival After Dormancy - A Solo Exhibit by Amy Donaldson

Thank you for joining us for Amy Donaldson's opening reception! The exhibit will be up and available until Saturday, June 12. 


CONTEMPORARY. EXPRESSIVE. EXTRAORDINARY. Renowned artist Amy Donaldson accompanies her artwork for a limited engagement presentation May 22nd through June 12th at the Michael Murphy Gallery. The solo exhibition features an opening reception with the artist on Saturday, May 22nd from 6pm to 9pm. Evident in each work is Donaldson’s strong sense of color and depth of feeling for space and light. The artist approaches her canvases in a uniquely additive and subtractive technique; an artistic process one may associate with sculpture as much as with painting.


The result is what the artworld has termed "a rare and fresh combination of the visual and the visceral" after her showings at Art Basel Miami.


As artwork is a powerful way to express one’s personality:

“A revelation of color and light resonating from the heart of creation’s glory. Each brush stroke and every color placed on the canvas emanates from the depths of my spirit in an expression of the healing, joy, and perfect love found in Heaven’s Divine Light. Every piece holds a presence in a pursuit to inspire the heart and turn the eye to a new expression of perfect love.” -Artist Statement

A native of Florida, Amy Donaldson has exhibited throughout the world:  Exhibitions in the great international cities have led to global recognition and loyal Collectors.  London, Paris, New York, Chicago, Brussels, Miami:  the Artist has developed a true following, which has led to her artwork’s inclusion in numerous notable private and public collections.  She currently lives and works out of her studio in California.


Gallery curators are available for private appointments to discuss the works and private commissions. Please contact the gallery at 813.902.1414 or for availability.

Event photos

Exhibit artwork

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