Corporate art has come a long way from bad motivational posters. In fact, it is an important aspect of creating a positive corporate environment that communicates your brand’s mission, values, and culture. 


In today’s post-Covid world, where many employees need extra incentives to return to the office – and many consumers are more accustomed to spending their dollars digitally – art can make or break your corporate, business or retail space. 


Read on to learn how and why your business can benefit from curating a corporate art collection.

Why does my business need art?

Art holds emotional power – the kind that brings a company together. 


Data shows that art in corporate environments boosts communication, creativity, loyalty, and output. One study found that people who worked in enriched, decorated spaces were 17% more productive than workers in bare spaces. 


Now imagine that emotional power inverted. Bad art can be just as negative of an influence as good art can be a positive influence. 


Intentional art curation is essential to designing the perfect corporate space.

What makes a good corporate art collection?

A good corporate art collection uses careful thematic and spatial storytelling to share elements of a company’s identity. 

Consider two law firms: one is a trust law firm that manages multigenerational finances, while the other is an intellectual property law firm that pushes legal frontiers. How can a corporate art collection tell these firms’ stories? 


The trust law firm needs an art collection that features oil paintings and finely crafted gold frames – creating an environment of time-honored tradition and trust. 


The intellectual property law firm, on the other hand, requires cutting-edge contemporary art and chrome frames – sharing the excitement of innovation. 


A corporate art collection is meant to tell a company’s story not only to its employees, but to its current and potential clients. It must be included in a comprehensive brand and marketing strategy.

Enhance your corporate space with art

While brand identity determines the concept of a corporate art collection, the corporate space itself determines the final selection and placement of the art


A great corporate art consultant will take the time to walk through and define the purpose of each room and the people who will inhabit it before selecting any pieces. The consultant will also know how to place artwork to create energy in a space – draw people in, create a positive flow and underline the building’s design. 


A well-curated art collection will not take attention away from a well-designed corporate space, but enhance it to a higher level.

Art selection reflects your corporate vision

Ultimately, a company’s vision must be focused, direct, and compelling. A company’s culture is communicated to its clients and employees by its environment. The selection and placement of artwork in a corporate environment requires experience with vendors, skill in design, and access to a variety of artists and mediums. 

Michael Murphy Gallery Corporate Art Consultation

At Michael Murphy Gallery, we are unmatched in our ability to coordinate a collection within any budget, for a space of any size. We have consistently proven the ability to satisfy a corporate client with any desire.

Browse our corporate portfolio and inquire about our personalized corporate consultation services today.

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